Achilles recalled

Actions eroded asphalt tires in Formula Drift provides a unique spectacle in itself. But behind the alluring advertisements and event obscures the daily functions of the tire because the tire was destroyed strong resistance when lauched (in the games).

Not a few who say that the tire is superior in economic terms. With a sport-style texture, like Achilles ATR sport for example, the tire is qualified.

But not a few who thought fit, even the number of users in the U.S. can be found minor product. As quoted from, some users in the spill-uneg feelings.

“I just wear under 10,000 miles, but I was wearing Achilles’s already brittle, as there are parts that are not embedded in the wall. Actually yes ordinary tires, but I would not buy again from this brand,” said a Lexus SC430 driver who claimed the daily fastest racing 100 km / h.

There is also a vote when conditions are wet. “The price is still pretty cheap, but not too good for you, for example, than the Maxxis Z1, as wet road conditions,” he said about Achilles ATR sport. “Well what can we do, it’s cheap, so sometimes prone to understeer (skid when turning, especially at high speed),” said another user.

“Symptoms of understeer is not only influenced by the tires alone. Factors car legs like shock absorbers and other devices at the foot of the car understeer also influence symptoms. Symptoms that occur on one car may not necessarily occur in other cars. Parties R and D we constantly conduct improvement in every production from time to time, “said Michele Olivia, Public Relations PT Multistrada Directions Sarana (MASA), clarified on via email, Wednesday (24/10).

Achilles in Indonesia was marketed under the name of PT Multistrada Directions Sarana, Tbk. It was some time there, one of the products are also sold in Indonesia, particularly for commercial vehicles, affected by the recall. Surprisingly, it was like drowning just here, while the NHTSA as regulators in the United States had asked for the withdrawal.

Tires are drawn is called Radar Radial and Desert Hawk A / P. Desert Hawk for light and commercial vehicles produced between January 2010 and November 2011. Meanwhile, Radar Radial tires for the RLT-9 codes were produced on December 30, 2009 until January 31, 2011.

“Actually what happened is Voluntary Recall. Namely recall by the manufacturer at the initiative completely from the manufacturer. When we know there is a shortage in the products circulating in the market, producers took the initiative to withdraw the product from the market in order to avoid the worst possible thing happened to consumers,” said Olivia.

“This is the responsibility of the manufacturers and demonstrate our after sales monitoring system is running correctly. Products produced by any manufacturer in the world, particularly large manufacturers, ever do such withdrawal. Sake of safety, security and user satisfaction we pulled the product. Products we recall from our direct U.S. scrap and not distributed and sold in Indonesia. products are sold in Indonesia are fully in accordance with the conditions and climate in Indonesia, “he added.

NHTSA previously reported some time ago that part of the set and hold on the wheels in the Desert Hawk models are too thin. Meanwhile, the model of disability Radar sidewalls.


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