GE Lighting For Cars Indonesia

GE Lighting, a lighting manufacturer that had been in Indonesia’s automotive industry in the late 90’s to 2006 again present after vacuum nearly six years.

Return of GE Lighting in 2012, bringing the user’s mission to bring the car in Indonesia headlights Megalight Plus +50, +90 and Megalight Megalight Ultra Ultra +120.

Not only presents a new automobile lamps, GE Lighting also supports safer for car drivers.

Ulta Megalight +120 for example, GE claimed Lightning give more exposure to 120 per cent in the headlights because it uses a xenon gas and super halogen additives and coatings are optimized, thus making the driver feel comfortable and safe.

“As a result we can see the road that much brighter again at night with the lights Ultra +120 Megalight this. Lighting can get a good look, and the most important thing is the driver feel safe while driving,” said Tengku Riansyah, Brand Sales Manger GE Lighting, ( 22/10) the introduction of three lights this car.

GE lightning put three new lamps for premium vehicles in Indonesia. Some of them are BMW, Audi, Peugeot and Toyota.
The plan of headlights from GE Lighting will be sold with prices ranging from 400 thousand to 500 thousand, and in cooperation with PT Golden Image Dynamics as a distributor.


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