Renewable Energy Cooperation

National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) to study the development of China’s renewable energy sources, particularly to support the needs of electricity for households and industry.

Head of Bappenas Armida S Alisjahbana in his meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (National Development and Reform commission / NDRC) Liu Tienan China in Beijing on Thursday afternoon, said that Indonesia is focusing the development of clean or renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly.

“We want to explore the opportunities of renewable energy sources, including to China, likely to be applied in Indonesia as potential resources available,” he said.

Armida argued well in line with the Indonesian national economic conditions, development continues to increase in the range that requires enormous energy, primarily electricity and fuel oil.

“The need for energy is also needed to support the higher energy needs for the community. Given Indonesia is also one of the country big enough,” he said.

Indonesia, continued Armida, is currently developing a variety of sustainable sources of clean energy for electricity and fuel needs. “Such as we are developing for electricity Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP). Breakthrough We are interested in China that are developing renewable energy sources by integrating renewable energy sources with conventional energy sources such as coal to wind power,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (National Development and Reform commission / NDRC) of China Liu Tienan said after 30 years of China’s reform and open development growth and increasing economic development.

“The activities of the industry and a very large number of people require greater energy. So renewable energy development in China also performed strongly as hydroelectric power, wind power, and solar,” he said.

Liu Tienan added, “We are also developing a biogas energy sources, for pendesaan areas. We develop urban waste to be a source of energy. Nuclear also we are developing,”.

However, it was not able to meet the electricity needs of people who are very numerous.

“This is a very big job for the government of China. So we continue to develop renewable energy sources such as mixing of rice and wheat to produce alcohol, wheat and sweet potatoes and more. Fact, we are developing perbaduan between fossil energy sources, conventional renewable energy sources such as wind, “said Liu Tienan.

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