Nobel laureate

John B. Gurdon, 79, professor at the University of Cambridge, England, became one of the leaders of medicine nobel winning the 2012 Nobel Assembly announced at the Karolinska Institute, Stockhlom, Sweden, October 8, 2012. Together with Shinya Yamanaka, a professor at Kyoto University, Japan, Gurdon won the prestigious award for research on cloning.

Who would have thought, a British scientist was once the dumbest student in the school. “Achievement” is recognized at the time minus Gurdon. To the journalists who interviewed him, he said during his school report card red still on his desk, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. “That was the only thing I’ve ever frame,” he said.

Gaddum, biology teacher at Eton College, England, in contrast to the professor tells the story in his childhood. According to him, studying at high school in 1948, the report card Gurdon many red numbers. Of the 250 students of biology class, Gurdon occupy bloated numbers in terms of value.

“I believe Gurdon had aspirations to be a scientist. But when it wishes quite ridiculous, if he can not learn the biological facts are simple,” ujarya.

Anger biology teacher whipped Gurdon spirit there at the age of 15 years. He wrestled this science to college at the University of Cambridge, England.

In 1962, in a classic experiment, a professor at the Gurdon Institute at Cambridge University, is taking an immature cell nuclei from frog egg cell and replacing it with the nucleus of mature intestinal cells tadpoles. The resulting clones turned out to develop into normal tadpoles.

Gurdon cloned frogs that create the foundation stone was then known as the stem cell development.

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