Habits In Children Suck Thumb

Many of the impacts caused by thumb-sucking son had done. No wonder often make parents worry about adverse effects on child development. How do I make a habit of sucking his thumb missing?

Children Specialist Hospital Graha Husada Bandar Lampung, dr H Amran Harun SpA, explains the principle that a parent can do is twofold. First is to know the cause.

Before the treatment begins, the daily habits of the child should know, including how children adapt to the surrounding environment. When the emotional and psychological trigger factors are found, the child begins treatment.

The second thing it does is reinforce the child. Therapy should be initiated with the participation of children, cooperation and most importantly interest to stop the habit. Parents are reminded not to give punishment to the child because the child will refuse to break this habit.

If this habit persists after age 4 years, then started the action by modifying behavior and some positive approach. Train children from infancy to play like clapping, singing and others.

Remind the child, can be a way to give notes or calendar says the success of the child does not suck his thumb.

Or it could give a gift stickers, story books, special behavior or vacation time with parents when children suck their thumbs free one day. Another way is to respect the children if they do not suck their thumbs, or give a bitter substance that is applied to the thumb in the morning, evening, and when the child begins to suck his thumb.


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