Golden Gate Bridge

Today it’s three o’clock afternoon. The sea breeze hit hard, fall on the verge of the eye. In front of our eyes, red painted bridge nearly three kilometers long wait. This is the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay of San Francisco.

I walked with a group that will take us across this magnificent bridge on foot to the other, then back again to the starting point. The total distance will we go almost six kilometers.

For what crossing the bridge by foot if you can with a motor vehicle or bicycle? First, of course, cheaper. Toll charges across it reaches $ 6. Secondly, we want to enjoy the view of the evening with the sun is not directly overhead. Temperature was friendly because it is almost fall.

Third, we will listen to some interesting stories about the history and intricacies of this bridge from the tour. Fourth, anyone who does not want to try to cross it by foot and its own power? There is a sense of pride that can not be repeated again in the future.

We walked leisurely. On the left and right of the bridge provided pedestrian and bicycle paths that are separate from the main thoroughfare for motor vehicles. Pedestrians should only be on the East Sidewalk, side overlooking the city or the bay. Roller skates and skateboards are not allowed, as well as pets and carts / pushcart. This regulation makes walking a convenient and safe.

We stopped at three points: at the beginning of a quarter, a half and a quarter last trip.

The tour guide talked about the history of this bridge. He was made ​​to link the city of San Francisco with Marin County across. City of San Francisco is a city surrounded by the waters of the bay, so the ferry to transport quickly before any major motorways and rail-based transport such as the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) today.

The engineers and architects (Joseph Strauss, Irving Morrow, and Charles Ellis) designed and led the construction in 1933, the plan was much started since 1920s. Its construction was hampered economic crisis. However, finally the bridge could be completed in 1937.

Residents of both areas can travel more easily.

This bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. Each column is supported by a “cable” in diameter 93 cm. It was also designed to withstand earthquakes, given its location in the San Andreas fault located at the bottom right. Efforts to strengthen the resilience of the bridge to earthquakes are also done in recent years.

Painting without interruption throughout the year, based on inspections carried out on the parts exposed to corrosion. The city / area always provides funding for bridge painting up more than $ 100,000 annually.

Interesting story that had to stop when we proceed to the next point. In between trips I see there are some public phones at some point, which is connected to a dedicated line counseling. Counseling help?

After I read, it is here a lot going on the suicide by jumping into the bay. Pay phones is specifically to help this crisis, who knows those who want to commit suicide changed his mind and immediately call the assistance. At the other end, there are staff who are willing to give advice to avoid suicidal ideation.

Not noticeably, about 30 minutes later, we got to the end of the bridge. There is a place of rest and recreation strategic called Vista Point. From here we could see the sights of San Francisco across the bay with the Golden Gate Bridge on the right. There is plenty of parking for those who arrive by motor vehicle.

After spending 15 minutes at the Vista Point, we had to go back again to the starting point. Due to mild weather, no tired that I felt, and still eager to go back again on foot. While walking, the tour guide was sometimes chattering. We laughed amused. The ride was fun!


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