Indonesia Disaster Prone Areas

Naaional Head of Disaster Management (BNPB) Syamsul Maarif, reminding the public about the threat of natural disasters in Indonesia, towards the end of the year.

“As many as 80 percent of disaster-prone Indonesia coupled with climate change,” he said after a working meeting with the House of Representatives Commission VIII in Jakarta, Monday, October 8, 2012.

He mentioned some of the vulnerable areas, one of which is Mount Lokon, on northern Sulawesi. “Since last September until today there have been 41 eruptions. We have prepared an evacuation,” Arifin said.

According to him, aid in the form of masks, tents, food, and medicines are distributed. While the rest have been prepared at Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado.

The area around the dam Way next Ela in Ambon, Maluku. Syamsul said, there are already 38 points seepage threatens the 4000 people living in the vicinity. “If not treated immediately, I am afraid there will be events like Situ Gintung like a few years ago,” he said.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 8, it set off reviewing Way Ela to prepare for flood prevention. “We along with the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Army and Police to review the location,” said Arifin.

While in Java, disaster-prone areas is to be passed by Bengawan Solo River basin. “If it overflows, the threat reaches 16 counties,” said Arifin. He added, BNPB has coordinated with the local government and regional BNPB for disaster management efforts.

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