Sitting Wind

The term is used to describe the wind sits chest pain symptoms such as feeling pressured, cold sweat, flatulence, heartburn tingling, causing nausea, and is considered more severe than ordinary colds.

Measures commonly done is to drink a solution of starting the wind, rubbing balm, or scrapings in the body that feels pain. However, it could be 30 minutes later the patient died.

“It happened to my husband. Day before he died, he still invited children cycling. Evening, washing the car in the front yard. Following morning, he was well fit when leaving for work.”

“By noon, she called and admitted chest pain accompanied by sweating big-big. When a friend asked her office lunch, they found my husband was lying face down on the table and not breathing anymore.”

“Before, he was often complain of pain in the lower chest. Soon scraped, cured, so we assumed it was the wind sits,” said Mercy Sinambela, 38.

In the medical world, the term wind sits lead to heart disease called Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). SKA is one of the clinical manifestations of coronary heart disease (CHD) is the main and most often lead to death.

Initial symptoms such as chest pain called angina pectoris, is a clinical syndrome such as chest pain attacks. So far, the sufferer more adults – especially men – who are not running a pattern or a healthy lifestyle.

“The case of the most common is not quickly checked patients despite experiencing symptoms earlier. So if you suddenly felt chest pain, should not do any physical activity, including sexual intercourse. Immediately go to the hospital to be handled by cardiologist or doctor of cardiovascular disease, “suggested the doctor Femmy Nurul Akbar, SpPD who met on the sidelines of a practice task Medicine Specialist at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI), South Jakarta.

Angina occurs at rest and continuously, usually more than 15 minutes. Angina is improved by increasing the length of time the pain or easier blaze.

Through the journal, Professor Field of Medicine Faculty of medicine, Prof. DR. dr. Teguh Santoso, SpPD, advised that the patient should immediately get help no later than 15 minutes after the first attack of pain.

Variations of the pain, according to Professor Teguh, chest like pressure, squeezing the taste spread to the neck and arms, or feel burning with shortness of breath and sweating. Complaints can propagate to both jaw teeth, shoulders, and back. More specifically, there is also accompanied by bloating in the gut such as ulcers.

Only real source of the problem lies in the narrowing of the heart’s blood vessels (vasoconstriction). Refinement is causing some heart does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, so the blood supply to the heart was not balanced. This condition eventually cause damage to the heart muscle that can lead to death.

Prof. Teguh said, the only thing to do is prevention loosen the blockage that occurs, by providing antiplatelet drugs (blood clotting cells) and anti-coagulants. Or anticipate imbalance of oxygen supply and oxygen demand to the heart by nitat, betabloker, and calcium antagonists.

“Antiplatelet drugs are the most inexpensive and easy, yes aspirin. Besides useful as first aid to overcome the pain, these drugs also to loosen the blood vessels are clogged. Based diagnosis doctor if you have heart problems, you should take antiplatelet tablet wherever you go, as an initial aid to the hospital before. Next, follow all your doctor’s advice in terms of medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle. healing you, depending on your compliance with the treating doctor, “said the doctor Femmy.


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