A company based in the UK, Oxford Metrics Group (OMG), recently announced the presence of a unique digital camera called Autographer.

Autographer claimed to be the first smart camera that carries the concept of wearable (can be worn as a necklace accessory) and automatic. You no longer need to press the shutter or aperture peep. Autographer comes with a semi-fisheye lens that can produce images at an angle of 136 ° and a backlit-CMOS sensor has a resolution of 5 MP. The images will be directly stored in the internal memory of 8GB.

Autographer also resemble five sensors such as accelerometers to measure how fast and slow the movement of the user, the color sensor to detect and measure light dark light, magnetometer to determine the direction the camera is facing, PIR sensor to detect subject movement, temperature sensors to measure temperature and GPS modules for determine the position of the camera.

So how do these cameras work? These cameras work by using five sensors and GPS. With the data received from the sensors, Autographer will identify the most appropriate time to take photos. Such data may include changes in light and color, movement, direction, and temperature. For example, Autographer (likely) going to record when we suddenly ran after the bus and chased the dog, go outdoors in the rain or when meeting with friends.

Randall Simon of the OMG Life said, “The interesting thing is you do not need to Autographer halt only to record the photo. You can still enjoy life while Autographer continue to capture the story’s going on around you spontaneously.”

Autographer if the application comes with a special photo of the OMG (available version smartphones and PCs) to create a picture. GIF or stop motion video. In addition, the camera is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to move the image or the image you see on the tablet PC or smartphone.

The concept of this camera seems to be difficult to digest if not see the action in person. There are also doubts if Autographer really able to record the moments that we deem valuable, considering almost no function given setting. To be sure, these cameras are created not to replace existing digital cameras, but more as a fun gadget.

Autographer priced at $ 647 and go on sale in November 2012. You can directly buy it on the official website OMG .


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