Do not Save It In 7

Buying beauty products ex-
You will be surprised with the kind of bacteria that attach to the former beauty products, so when you are trying to save money by buying products that have been opened or used, you will also catch germs or diseases from others. Even buy perfume open the packaging can be risky. You never know what’s in there, especially if you are not familiar with the person who sold it to you. It is important to avoid these products if you have sensitive skin.

Putting off going to the doctor
I know many people who put off going to the doctor just to save money. I myself have done in the past. However, they usually only make the problem worse and you will need more medical care than they should get if you went to the doctor since it was first sick. Rather than delaying treatment, a doctor will make your payments more planned.

Buying a second-hand safety products
It is dangerous to buy security products that have been used include the children’s car seats, helmets, bicycles, and motorcycles, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors. You do not know how many times the product terebut been used in an accident or have been used, and how severe the damage, damage to the goods is not necessarily visible. Avoid the risk it by buying products that are new security instead.

Doing a job that you can not handle
A friend of mine once tried to fix the toilet in his basement, but he just needs to call a plumber because of flooding. Some people think they can handle a tough job when they have no experience at all. Then they usually have to call a professional anyway to fix the original problem plus the damage caused by the repairs he had done before. If you’ve never done a particular job before, you better hire someone to do it or at least call a friend who is an expert to help you.

Buying second-hand electronic goods
There are many types of electronics including laptops, TV, and DVD player you should buy new and not the former. These goods are very sensitive so if it gets dropped or bumped may be damaged. You do not know how many times they are “broken” before you buy it. You might spend more money for a new junk you bought it.

Buying fast food
Fast food is usually cheaper than healthy food. However, more shops and restaurants are realizing that people want healthy food choices and they made ​​it happen. Even the menu at fast food places, you will find the yoghurt and salad. Eating fast food may seem like the idea of a cost-efficient, but not in the long run when you start to experience weight gain and health problems. Choose foods that are low-cost and healthy, then you will reap the benefits.

Cutting your own hair
When I was little, I wanted to get a haircut. My mother said I had to wait until the time is. But I do not want to wait, so I took the scissors and cut his own hair. We would say that it is not an attractive appearance and no way to fix it for a while.

But a similar incident also accomplished adults. They cut their own hair. There is a reason why the hair stylist to learn how to cut hair. Let them do it for you before you look really silly.

Certainly good to save money, but if you really want to do with cost considerations? If you are not able to do something immediately, set aside a few dollars every week for savings, or if you need a current cost, make a payment plan or as a last resort, borrow money from a person!

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