8 Diet Tricks

By Korin Miller

1. Eat more
Yes, you read that right. According to research from Penn State, eating food with larger portions will make you feel full longer. Bottom line: You have to fill your belly with more healthful foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Eating lots of vegetables very well, eating a lot of meat? Not good.

2. Read the label
A survey conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention found that women who read food labels have a BMI (Body Mass Index / calculations to determine the level of body fat) is lower than those who did not do it and for those who do not read food labels usually 3.6 kg heavier than those who read the label.

3. Make a slice of happiness
A study conducted by Arizona State University found that people who cut out food, eat less than people who do not cut their food, but they have the same satisfaction. So try to slice your meat before you eat your bread or cut into four sections than eat it in one bite.

4. Enjoy your meal
A series of studies from the University of Minnesota and Texas A & M University found that what you do when eating unhealthy foods will make you consume less food. Instead of enjoying your dinner while watching TV better take the time to really think about what you are eating. You will feel full faster and you know. Enjoy your meal.

5. Listening to jazz
The latest study from Cornell University found that listening to soft music, like jazz music or light music, it can help you eat 175 fewer calories in each meal. And it could be even lower.

6. Do not miss your meal
Maybe you’ve heard that skipping meals is not a good act, but a recent study explains how these hazards. According to a recent study from Cornell University, people tend to excessive diet to foods that contain high calories and skipped to eat vegetables and healthy protein. As a result, they actually consume 20 percent more calories when eating.

7. Drinking cold water
J. Lo reportedly consuming only water ice, and health experts Cosmo radio, Jennifer Wider, MD. stated that J. Lo deliberately do it for a thing. Some fitness experts think that cold water can speed up your metabolism. Why? Warming up your body to burn calories. It will not reduce your body weight, but cold water can help boost your metabolism.

8. Divert your eyes from fast food
According to a study from the University of Southern California, pictures of calorie foods like cupcakes, soda, and pizza can make your brain keen to eat them. So stop glancing at a display cake at Starbucks when you order a latte (a type of coffee drink). Your body will thank you.

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