5 Things In Singapore

1. ERP

ERP is a system of roads that cross it paid for the vehicle. In the system, the ERP did not differ much with the toll road in Indonesia. But ERP does not have a window of the driver towing rates. The Singapore Government has an interesting tool driver money directly from their accounts. And the way it’s spread out in front of that many vehicles passed.

“ERP is not electronic road pricing, but the robe everyday people. Due to the charge really expensive,” said Jean, Friday, September 21, 2012.

2. Angle talk or speak corner

Just like Indonesia that carries the principles of democracy, the Singapore government to allow citizens to express their opinions in public. But they can not protest in any place. For that reason, the Singaporean government provides speak corner or corner talking. To remove uneg-unegnya in public, protesters must apply first to the government.

“But there is also a talk there because everyone is busy. And no one is listening because they are lazy to stand panasan,” said Jean.

3. Ferris wheel

Flyer, a giant ferris wheel located in the south of Singapore. Precisely close to Marina Bay. Said Jean, each passenger can see the whole of Singapore Flyer from above, and some of the island of Sumatra. And for that, it can take 30 minutes each round. “This windmill was greater than in London,” said Jean.

4. Weekend Car

In order to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, the Singapore government to implement two systems of private vehicles: cars weekday and weekend car. In general, there’s nothing different with the two four-wheel drive. License plates are not the same. Red-plated cars this weekend and weekday car black plates.

Said Jean, weekend car can only be used on a Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, and every day at the top at 19.00. While car days can be used at any time. “Car weekend hours may be used, but permission must be withdrawn first and the high pay,” he said.

5. Houses porters

In the China Town area, said Jean, are the porters or Coolie house. Three-story building with an area of approximately 60 square meters room. Named the porters because in ancient times was used as a residence building workers from China.

“The porters 223 habitable rooms, open-plan rooms and toilets. But now the building has been turned into a restaurant,” he said.

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