iPod touch 5 VS iPhone 5

Here are four reasons why the iPod Touch 5 more viable an option.

1. Specifications similar
The iPod Touch comes with a new 4-inch screen exactly the same with the iPhone 5. Also there is support for Siri and FaceTime HD camera that can produce 1.2 MP photos and 720p HD video recording at the front. The difference, the iPod Touch can not be used to call, back camera is “only” a 5 MP (while the iPhone 5 8 MP), there is no light sensor and digital compass. For performance, the iPhone 5 is more powerful A6 processor, but also the actual iPod Touch is more than adequate to run iOS apps are heavy though.

2. Much cheaper price
Some media reported the iPhone 5 will be sold from $ 199. This information is correct, but it is less precise since the price is the price for a contract with the operator in the United States and does not apply in Indonesia.

The plan, the iPhone 5 will go on sale starting at $ 649 for 16 GB version, $ 749 for 32GB and $ 849 for 64GB. When referring to the price of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 package price in Indonesia will be sold starting from Rp 7.7 million for the 16GB version, 32GB Rp 8.7 million and Rp 9.7 million for the 64GB.

Different from the iPod Touch 5 a set price of $ 299 for the 32GB version and $ 399 for the 64GB version. Obviously if you have no problem with some missing features as described in point number 1.

3. There is no clarity on nano SIM card.
If the micro SIM card can be made ​​by cutting a regular sized SIM card, the SIM card is different with the new nano was first used in the iPhone 5. You have to get it through the operator. Whether you can continue to use the old number and just switch the SIM card to the operator? Unclear.

To be sure, the gadget lovers who can not wait and buy the iPhone 5 directly from overseas, will not be able to use the phone as long as the operator has not supplied the SIM cards nano. Well, if the iPhone can not be used as a phone, is not the same as the iPod Touch?

4. The design is thinner and has more color choices
For those who are infatuated thin gadget, the iPod Touch will be more attractive. Thickness is only 6.1 mm making it thinner than the iPhone 5 are 7.6 mm. Its weight is also lighter, 88 grams, compared to the iPhone 5, which weighs 112 grams.

The iPod Touch also comes with a choice of refreshing colors. If the iPhone 5 has only two colors, black and white, iPod Touch comes in six colors: black, silver, blue, yellow, red and pink.


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