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Today went pretty quiet. I eat a healthy breakfast, and not hungry after that. Then I traveled by car but then I drool at the sight of a signpost Dunkin ‘Donuts. Should I stop or not? One donut will not be a problem, right?

No, usually one donut is not going to be a problem, but it will make us want to eat it – really want to eat it! I looked at the challenge that lies ahead that may plunge me with a very sweet and full of fat. I help myself by ordering a fruit of the car and walked away. If I eat more than one, I would get into trouble.

Of course you know the food you eat and can make you addicted. It is all incredible food (eg chocolate, which can send you to another world with just a touch). Everybody has their favorite foods. We often focus on the food we should not eat large amounts or which can trigger hunger, but what about the food that could satisfy us?

Hunger is sometimes associated with emotion and comfort, rather than an actual stomach hunger.

Hunger is associated with others who are eating and when we eat. Hunger is often triggered simply because we are in a certain place and doing certain things. Aroma is a trigger for a powerful hunger. So with all the signs that one of those that makes you want to eat, what would you do?

The things I do to stay satisfied is to always set up drinking water by my side the whole time. I also eat every 3-4 hours, so I will not get false hunger signals that would make me fall. I enjoy healthier foods. Fiber and protein are content that requires the digestion process longer than usual carbohydrates. Basically, the right time is everything.

Your body to process the carbohydrates in 30-120 minutes after you eat. During the second and fourth hour, your body process the protein, while the fourth to the sixth hour of your body to process fat. This is the importance of eating a full meal every meal and do not wait longer than four hours to eat. I have many favorite foods that can overcome hunger now, but to save time, I say to you 15 foods that must exist in the plate. These foods are generally rich in fiber, protein, or both, and may contain healthy fats.

Vegetables and fruits are very good to overcome your hunger. They’re great to overcome your craving particular food and the price is not more expensive than fast food. Do you want to cut yourself or buy vegetables and fruits that have been cut into pieces in the shop, vegetables and fruit is a good choice to replace a snack that overcome the cravings for food

Peanut butter and quickly resolve it feels satisfying hunger. Some peanut butter contains healthy fats, protein, and tastes delicious. I like mixing peanut butter on whole grain foods, from bread to fruits. The secret to the peanut butter is quickly absorbed by heating it in the microwave for 15 -30 minutes. Peanut butter can also be availed to be combined with other foods.

Oatmeal is a comfort food. When I’m angry or upset stomach, I’ll eat oatmeal. I prefer to mix it with milk instead of water so that the protein, vitamins, and minerals increases. I like to eat oatmeal as a snack at night and mix it with peanut butter, cinnamon, and raw stevia leaf.

Whole grain cereals are good sweet snacks that are crisp and rich in fiber and vitamin B. My favorite whole grain cereal is a product of Kashi cereal. Make sure the material is derived from cereal and whole grains instead of other materials.

Drink fat free milk is important to me. I choose organic milk for various reasons, and I think the milk is beneficial in my weight loss.

Yoghurt is a sweet dessert that I love. I prefer yogurt that does not contain artificial sweeteners. I also like Greek yogurt because it contains extra protein.

Bread, crackers, and whole wheat pasta is a good material for a sandwich, snack, or your favorite Italian food. Wheat fiber and takes longer to digest, so it will keep you full for quite a long time.

Juice and tomato sauce is also an important food. I usually difficult to meet the needs of my vegetables. Both materials can be used as an ingredient for making soup and pasta sauce.

Pure fruit juice would be a good drink when mixed with soda water. The mixture will be a fresh mocktail. Sometimes a fresh fruit drink can overcome hunger.

Popcorn is a snack that you can make with healthy fats, like I do. The food tastes delicious and takes a long time to finish it.

My favorite foods are hungry retaining apples dipped in peanut butter that has been melted. The combination of sweet and salty flavors really get rid of hunger.

Almonds are a simple snack that can hold your hunger for a while. Almonds are rich in healthy fats and fiber. But I did not eat the burnt almond oil with additional and prefer the raw.

Cinnamon adds antioxidants and sweet spicy taste. I often mix the cinnamon with a little nutmeg into warm milk to get a satisfying drink such beverages can I buy in a cafe, without paying a price that is quite expensive! It really makes you full and soothing drink before bedtime.

Kidney beans are rich in fiber and easily mixed into the salad and did not contain lemak.Tinggal add vinegar and your favorite seasonings into the red bean is dry and you are ready to eat.

Most fruits can be filling and keep the calories. Fruits will eliminate your desire to certain foods. Make a list of what fruits are in season in a month. Then try seasonal fruits you’ve never felt before.

You may have your own groceries and I would be happy to hear it! I am looking for ideas in order to remain satisfied and lose weight. I hope this list of foods my hunger brace can help give you some new ideas.

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