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English is apparently derived from the language never appeared in Turkey 8000-9500 year, according to a study.

Scientists trace origin of all Indo-European languages ​​into Anatolia, an ancient region in western Asia which is now modern Turkey.

Indo-European languages ​​covering a broad spectrum of languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Persian, Hindi, and the ancient Greeks included. Scientists believe all of these languages ​​originated from the same ancestor.

The experts think that the language of Indo-European languages ​​spread from the Middle East seiiring to agriculture.

Scientists led by Remco Bouckaert from the University of Auckland in New Zealand looking for a source of Indo European languages ​​using methods from evolutionary biologists.

The trick, the researchers looked for ‘cognate’ or words with the same origin. One example is the “mother”, “Mutter” (German) and “madre” (Spanish), which means mother.

The similarity of this word may not come about by chance. By creating a model of the evolution of hundreds of words together, the researchers managed to find the cradle of English, which is what is now modern Turkey.

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