Conducive atmosphere in the office

Harmonious relationships at work can be tenuous. The problem can be started from the trivial, such a misunderstanding about a product or ketelodoran when deadlines. However, stems from the trivial, the problem is not resolved in the office can be a protracted and mounting.

As a result, predictably. Conditions office “heating up”, a sense of comfort, reluctant to meet with co-workers or supervisors with problems, and others. Finally, decreased morale. Productivity declined. Work quality is not optimal. This of course will be able to threaten your career. Therefore, you should immediately resolve the problem in the office quietly.

First in facing the problem, should janagn rush to conclusions blaming others. However, look at the issue objectively. Get to know the real source of the problem. You do not focus on the problem, but on the solution.

Secondly, so knowing the real issues, you completed immediately. If it involves an outside party, it is better you discuss. However, if he includes it difficult to accept the opinion, you need to involve a third person as an intermediary or “coolant temperature”. Or, let it be known issues with your boss without intention vilify.

Third, the solution is at hand, but the person concerned is still showing hostility, do not put in the liver. A good idea to forgive before the person apologized. Next, give the person a smile and a greeting. You can also chat with him a light topic.

Still have not reached the point of “reconciliation” as well? Continue your efforts to be friendly and respect others. It would not hurt even if the response is not always as desired. Most important is that you can create a cozy atmosphere in our own hearts and try to infect others.

One thing that should not be forgotten of course is a self-evaluation. It could be the source of the problem is in ourselves. If that happens, you immediately correct the behavior to achieve better performance.


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