White Teeth

A new study from the Universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire showed that the color of your teeth can be an indication of quality health care yourself.

These findings became the first findings linking the state of her teeth are a barometer to assess the age and fertility.

Before starting the study, researchers used three colors of teeth, which is yellowish brown, white and sparkling white healthy natural result of the use of bleach.

The findings, published in the journal PLoS ONE shows that the natural white teeth are better able to attract the opposite sex than the teeth are yellow-brown and shiny white teeth non-natural.

Researchers then showed the photos to 150 young men and women, and ask how their attraction to the image model.

“Both sexes are attracted to each other as natural white teeth, and is a guide to determine the age, health and disease,” said Dr. Hendrie.

Dr. Hendrie believe the tooth a clue to know the genetic disorder, diet, childhood diseases and a guide to find out how far women from menopause.


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