Fire Rainbow

“Fire rainbow” or “fire rainbow” is not a fire or a rainbow, but the view was incredible.

Technically, this appearance is called the rainbow clouds, a very rare phenomenon and is caused by clouds and water droplets are relatively the same size, according to a statement from NASA. These clouds then change direction and bend light in a similar way that the result is a wave of light and color.

The cloud then becomes similar to a real rainbow, which is also formed by the diffraction of light or directional changes, and generate patterns of alternating colors of blue, green, red, purple, blue and back again.

This phenomenon is captured in spectacular photographs on Tuesday (July 31) in the clouds over South Florida.

Although clouds have a rainbow of colors like a rainbow, way of spreading the light to produce a different phenomenon. Rainbow is formed by refraction and shadows. When light terefraksi, he is bent through a medium with different thicknesses, such as water or a prism. The shadow of light leaving the surface with the same angle as when he fell. Diffraction causes light waves scattered by the ring-like pattern.

Just like a rainbow the other objects, such as peacock feathers, the colors change depending on the position of the sun and other objects.

This phenomenon usually occurs in the newly formed clouds, and this is what happens in South Florida. According to the Weather Channel, there are clouds formed pileus quickly as lightning storms push air into the upper atmosphere through a layer of damp. This causes the cloud of smoke that form a dome-like above the storm.

Circumhorizontal not cloud the rainbow arc, an optical phenomenon caused by ice crystals to form color lines parallel to the horizon.


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