When compared with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt sprint runners from Jamaica clocked 9.58 seconds to run within 100 meters.

Of course the cheetah does have the body’s ability to run faster than humans, the average speed reaching 96.5 miles per hour. At a photo opportunity with National Geographic magazine, a cheetah from a zoo Cincinnati named Sarah can run at speeds of 98 miles per hour for a distance of 100 meters.

Sprint is breaking the previous record of Sarah in 2009, when he was the same distance in 6.13 seconds. At that time, he also broke the previous record in 2001, when a South African cheetah named Nyana the 100 meters with a speed of 6.19 seconds.

11-year-old Sarah is a part of the Cincinnati zoo cat ambassador. Sarah recorded a record-breaking effort by funding from National Geographic’s cat conservation program called the Big Cats Initiative.

Sarah ran on the track designed by the Road Running Technical Council of USA Track & Field. He had to catch stuffed animals along the path, and immediately broke the record while running in the first round.

Speed ​​of the cheetah is the secret behind the long bone and flexible, so that the animal can encapsulate 6.7 meters in one step. Cheetah step also varies per second, as the rapid run them.

The researchers in the Journal of Experimental Biology said that this is a typical feature cheetah. Being a fast runner like a greyhound summarizes the same distance at every step, no matter how fast they run.

Cheetah sharp claws also serve as a support while running, thus giving additional power for this big cat.

Unfortunately, the cheetah is endangered, there are only thousands of lives in 9000-12 outside the zoo.


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