London Olympic medals

London Olympic Games medal is a medal was the largest ever. Despite their larger size and weight of the medals that used in previous Olympic medal estimated value of less than three pounds, or only about Rp 44 thousand.

As proclaimed Zee News, Monday (30/7), a bronze medal at the London Olympics is made ​​from a mixture of 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent lead. The third mixture is exactly what materials have estimated the price of three pounds.

While for the gold medal, the gold content was only one percent. While the other mixture consisted of 92.5 percent silver and 6.16 percent copper.

For the silver medal which has an estimated price of 210 pounds or about Rp 3.1 million, the gold content in the medal mix was replaced with more copper. Yet according to rules set by the International Olympic Committee, the medal shall be made ​​of a mixture of 550 grams of high quality silver and six grams of gold.

Olympic gold medal at this time is estimated to be worth around 410 pounds, or approximately USD 6 million as the estimated price of the raw metal. Despite the real value of course is actually much higher if the medal was sold.

Medals weighing 375 to 400 grams with a width of 85 millimeters and seven mm thick, will be awarded to 805 winners in a victory ceremony in two weeks. Although the Olympic gold medal is not made ​​of pure gold, the medal is still worth hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction.


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