Indonesian Actor in Fast Furios 6

Tidbit of world cinema back toward Indonesia. After Iko Uwais Hollywood films titled Man of Tai Chi works of Keanu Reeves, Joe Taslim now turn to follow the lead of his partner’s.

The actor who plays Sergeant Jake has been successful in the film The official Raid played in the movie Fast and Furious 6, directed by Justin Lin.

As reported by, Tuesday (30/7), Joe Taslim played a character named Jah antagonists and of course he will compete acting with stars such as Fast and Furious Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson.

“Thank You / Thank you all for the support … I am very lucky to pass the audition. I still have to learn a lot here .. thank u,” kicaunya via Twitter @ Joe_Taslim, Sunday (29/7) then.

Joe Taslim escape to audition actors Fast and Furious 6 must not be separated from the world of acting talent and martial arts, because in the movie Fast and Furious lot of fight scenes or physical fights.

Know closer Joe Taslim, who was born in Palembang, June 23, 1981 this was in fact a professional judo athletes. Joe even has a line of brilliant achievement in sport or martial art with roots in Japan.

In the national sports scene Joe presents a gold medal in the National Sports Week (PON) 2008. While the international sports arena, Joe managed to dedicate a silver medal for Indonesia in the event the SEA Games 2007 and the gold medal in the event the South East Asia Judo Championship Singapore 1999.

Joe said that the movie The Raid has changed drastically in the world of acting career. “Thank you so much my brother, friend, sensei @ ghuwevans, Helping me through the auditions. It’s very tough process.The Raid changed my life,” he added.

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