Fast Or Not?

Islam provides an exception for breastfeeding women in the month of Ramadan. They are not allowed to run fast, but still have to replace it in two ways, namely replacing the outside Ramadan fasting or ransom (goods kin).

Allowed not to fast does not mean that fasting is prohibited. Of course there are many nursing mothers who opt to practice fasting during Ramadan. But what is the impact in terms of health?

Nutritionists recommend Christine Natalie should not have to fast if it is mothers who are breastfeeding are feeling unwell or disturbed. It’s for the good of both mother and baby being breastfed. “But if they feel well, please fasting,” he said.

According to him, until now there has been no negative impact on a mother who breast-feed while running fast. Of course as long as it does not run in a weak condition and the intake is maintained. “For fasting the nutrient composition of breast milk will not change,” he said.

If it is mothers who are breastfeeding still wants to fast during Ramadan, Christine suggested that still eat three meals a day. That is when breaking, after tarawih, and dawn. In addition, the pattern of nutrition must be balanced, with a permanent increase of fluid into the body. “Do not forget, too, have adequate rest,” he continued.

He also revealed that to increase the protein, preferably at mealtime plus the supplement in the form of fruit juice, milk, or honey.

Separately, Abas Jauhari, lecturer at the State Islamic University explains, health conditions or medical reasons can be illat (motif of law) allowed nursing mothers not to fast. “So religion is allowed,” he said.

Because of that, he said, medicine or medical judgment in the case of fasting lactating mothers become very important. If it does interfere or could bring adverse effects to health and the health of her baby, could be the basis of not fasting.

However, according to religious teachings, fasting should be replaced outside the month of Ramadan, as was done by people who are unable to fast due to other restrictions.
It could also, more Abas who also works at the Department of Religion, it is replaced with a ransom. “That is to feed the poor instead of not fasting,” he said.
The minimum provision is to count the number of abandoned fasting. If one day, then the Redeemer was given to the poor. And so on.

As for how much to give, he said, as a matter of jurisprudence is much difference of opinion. “It could also be resized according to the customs or should we eat. Do not reduced, “he said.

Abas explained that a ransom how this can be done every day during the month of Ramadan after the break, could also be collected on the day after Ramadan. Religion also permit the giving of uncooked foods, such as the form of rice and side dish-pauknya.

But Abas also warned that a ransom could not be replaced with a certain amount of money. So it’s the basic necessities. “If want to change with fasting as much as the left, all the better,” he said.

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