Monster New York

The findings of a strange animal carcasses dubbed monster continues to be the talk of Manhattan residents. This animal face as has been mutilated, but still leaves most of the snout and sharp teeth. There are five fingers on each leg, and hind legs like a baby’s foot. These animals have been stranded at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

Amateur photographer, Denise Ginley, take pictures of the carcass of this disgusting pink. He found it by accident while walking along the East River on Sunday. This horrific image was first published by The Gothamist on Monday, and immediately trigger a variety of conspiracy theories about whether it is a giant water rats, pigs, wild dogs, and even, or some other animal called imitation.

Department of Landscape New York persists in these animals pigs. “That is a pig is left of goats bolsters a party,” said department spokesman.

But a quick conclusion Ginley regretted that he considered it too frivolous. “It’s definitely not a pig,” he told the New York Daily News.

Closer examination of these media shows dead animals does look scary, with human-like hands and feet almost human-like hands and feet, away from the foot of a pig.

According to him, even if the animal, more like rats or raccoons, but his size for a dog or a pig. “Upper jaw is missing makes it very difficult to identify and canines are different from the lower jaw is quite confusing,” he said.

Dr. Paul Curtis, professor at Cornell University and wildlife specialist, thinks it could be a small dog in a river swollen with rot. “All the feathers have been torn from the carcass,” he told The Gothamist, describes the terrifying creatures that shiny skin.

This finding is reminiscent of the mysterious animal, dubbed the citizens as a kind of monster Montauk. Carcasses of animals that could unnerve many New Yorkers when it washed ashore in July 2008 Ditch.


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