Causes of Aching

You must have experienced back pain. Surprisingly, this pain always comes suddenly and certainly not the cause.

Most people assume a sense of fatigue in the body to relax. In fact, if left unchecked would be very annoying you know. So you know, here are some causes of back pain

Over time sitting

Sitting puts pressure as much as 40 percent in the spine. In addition, incorrect sitting position may also change the characteristics of spinal anatomy.

“Wrong sitting posture can increase tension in the muscles and putting pressure on the spine,” explains Tae M. Shin, MD, spine surgeon at St. Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles.

Supine exercise

Actively engaged to help ease the pain and the pain and recover faster. New research shows that 40 percent of inactive after experiencing back pain were more likely to delay healing or even make the condition worse.

Do not do yoga

Almost any type of exercise can reduce stress and improve circulation. But yoga is probably the best. Researchers from the University of Washington revealed that yoga lower back pain more quickly than conventional exercise.

Frequency of sit-ups

Sit-up exercises or other variations, crunch, also can trigger back pain. This dikarena sit-ups do not work on the ab muscles stabilize your back.


Nicotine restricts blood flow to the joints that protect your spine and increase the rate of degenerative changes. Smoking also reduces the absorption of calcium and prevent the growth of new bone. So, smokers are also twice the risk of osteoporotic fractures as compared to non-smokers.


Keep your weight to prevent back pain. Excess weight, especially in the abdominal area, can shift the whole center of gravity and puts additional strain on your back muscles.


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