Tree Investments

I want to ask about the investment. Recently booming investment talks on the tree. What are the mechanisms and how you think the tree is an investment prospects for the future?
Mutti, London

Dear Mutti

The tree is actually a very attractive investment and can provide a high enough profit. For example, there are investments that the tree can yield about 42% within 15 years.

But in investing, which also need to consider is risk. In investing, there is always a risk. What we need to consider investing in a tree, among others, we should have general knowledge about the types of plants. Next is we have to know the credibility of a company that offers investment services, as an example of how long the company in this industry. Usually a company that is credible will offer prospective buyers to see first hand the land where the tree planting.

What is important is, when you decide to invest in this tree, place for long-term goal is 10-15 years for the most optimal imbalnya.

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