Author Gene Mutation Old

Teen puberty should have a smooth skin with a cute face. In contrast to the fact that even Zara Hartshorn has a wrinkled face.

15-year-old girl who lives in Rotherham, England was sentenced to suffer from a rare disease that is incurable, so that makes it look 30 years older than their peers.

Lipodystrophy is a disease of genetic defects that affect only a minority of people in the world. Because of this disease, the condition of Zara age faster.

“What you have to do is control it,” said Dr. Donald Kotler from St Hospital. Luke’s Roosevelt, New York via ABCNews some time ago.

In addition to having wrinkles, it also experience bone and teeth brittle. To cope with wrinkled skin, he resorted to injecting collagen into Japan.

“My teeth seem really fragile, although I always brush on a regular basis. Already there are four teeth fall out,” he reported through the mirror (19/7).

Support from family, especially his mother, Tracy, who always hoped to cure his daughter, keeping the dream of Zara, who wants to be young again.


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