Stress Relief Drugs

Kory, a deep affection, has conducted an ongoing study of 50 couples. All couples were collected and Kory record their stress levels.

Once recorded, the majority attempted to kiss their partner for longer and more frequent. After six weeks, found that couples are more likely to smell, decreased stress levels.

“Kissing raise the level of the hormone oxytocin, which lowers the stress on the body,” said Kory quoted by Good Housekeeping magazine.

“When the couple kissing each other, they will pay attention to each other, and focus on the couple alone, no longer thinking about other things outside of it. This makes them have positive thoughts,” the document explains Kory.

According to Kory, “Expressing love bring positive effects on the body, and can improve mood.”

Well, if an when you feel bored to see the long list of work, or feel tired physically and spiritually because they have to take care of the house without stopping, try searching your partner. Kiss it wholeheartedly. Feel the magic of a kiss.

Couples kissing can relieve stress, according to a study by a professor of communication at Arizona State, USA, Kory Floyd, PhD.


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