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Physicists Indonesia, Suharyo Sumowidagdo, engaged in the discovery of the particle, dubbed the God particle, the Higgs boson. European nuclear research institutes Conseil pour la Recherche Nucleaire Europeene or CERN announced the discovery of the Higgs boson on July 4, 2012.

Physical world was startled by the discovery of the Higgs particle Bosson. So far, the existence of these particles exist only in the standard theoretical model. “Without this particle will have no weight, then there is no universe. There would be nothing,” said Haryo when interviewed via voice chat, July 5, 2012.

God is the last particle of particles in the standard model theory. Scientists began to look for it since 1964. In this model, the universe was created from 12 fundamental particles and six-carrier force. Previously, a new five-style carrier particles were found.

“So far, we see objects that have weight, there is gravity that makes the earth rotates. That is, there must be something that generates masses for the particles,” said the man born in Tabanan, Bali. A particle of mass Higss could affect millions of other particles. He had always been there in the whole universe, but recently discovered.

Haryo is one of two physicists Indonesia involved in the study. Another physicist, Rahmat Rahmat, working from the Fermilab laboratory in the United States. The Haryo working at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland.

Finding the particle is not an easy thing. Thousands of researchers who are in two groups, ATLAS and CMS, working together to find these hidden particles. “This is not the work of a handful of people but a lot of collaboration of dozens of state agencies,” he said.

Haryo CMS engaged in research in Geneva, Switzerland, to find the Higgs boson. “I am responsible to ensure operate the detector components. Detector component that needs to be maintained, to be able to detect the particles,” said 36-year-old doctor.

Graduate and master’s degree at the University of Indonesia, Haryo then won a scholarship to a doctoral program at Florida State University in 2001. That’s where he became involved in the search for the Higgs Boson, in collaboration with Fermilab. On January 2009, Haryo be part of a team of CERN in Switzerland.

Haryo also play a role in the retrieval of data from an experiment that has lasted for many years. He was also busy with collaborations with other researchers as well as discussions with other researchers. He was also involved in several other experiments of particle physics.

Higgs boson searches performed with the Large Hadron Collider machine that operates 24 hours, seven days a week. Haryo own work equally hard, usually starts at eight in the morning until eleven at night.

“The scientist is judged by its productivity, such as employers. If it does not work as much as possible, it is difficult to win from other researchers,” said Haryo who like to take pictures at leisure. In addition to researching, Haryo also mastered the science of engineering. Because the tools of research scientists particles can not be bought at a nearby supermarket. They should be able to make its own means, or at least know how to nurture and care for her.

So what exactly is the Higgs boson particle to the invention for humanity? “This discovery is beyond our imagination. Any new knowledge that scientists do not yet know what its practical usefulness,” said the holder of a doctorate from Florida State University. Practical purposes it may not be known in the tens or even hundreds of years into the future.

Haryo example, the invention as Einstein’s relativity theory when it was announced that seventy years ago can not be understood. Now, the GPS works on the theory. Without Einstein’s theory, the GPS will not be able to show the exact location and will miss 50 to 100 meters.

“For the scientist, gained new knowledge about the world in which we live, will bring more appreciation for life,” he said when contacted Haryo who was attending the International Conference for High Energy Physics Conference in Melbourne.

The discovery of the Higgs boson for Haryo special because it reminded him of the discovery of the incident that inspired him to become a particle physicist. 18 years ago, a physicist named Stephan van den Indonesia Brick joined prove the existence of top quark particle, a particle that also supports the standard model.

“At that time I received to the UI, do not know anything. I am amazed that there are UI graduates who can be part of that amazing discovery,” he said. Newspaper clipping in 1994 that still keeps until today.
Now, Haryo really achieve its goals. He helped found the Higgs boson particle, the last piece the standard model, the key to the secrets of the universe. But the work was not completed. The discovery of new initial length of the work of scientists.

Therefore, Haryo hope this discovery inspires young people to become physicists Indonesia. “Everything is possible from going to work hard. Do not be afraid to try and leave the comfort zone,” said Haryo.


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