Metaphysics Robot

These events do not occur in the film directed by James Cameron’s Avatar, nor dreams of science fiction novelist. Imaginary robot motion control by the mind is now closer to reality.

Consortium of researchers who are members of the project Virtual Robotic Re-embodiment and embodiment (Vere) has shown that control the motion of the robot with a mind that might be done. Vere is a consortium of scientists from Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, England, Portuga, and Israerl.

Tirosh Shapira, Bar-Ilan University student who was in Tel Aviv, Israel, succeeded in moving the human-sized robots that are in Beziers Technology Institute, France. How do I?

With the tool FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan Vere team the changes in brain blood flow Tirosh. To translate any changes in blood flow in the brain Tirosh, a project team of researchers at the Advanced Virtuality Lab Vere asked to make a special application.

Tirosh and their brain scans intepretasinya results that are sent via the Internet to Paris and immediately connected with the “brains” of robots. Every time Tirosh want to instruct the robot to move or do something, he lived the concentration of thought. A few tens of seconds or minutes later, the robot will follow the orders of the brain Tirosh.

“It was amazing … I feel as though there and move it himself,” said Tirosh, a few days ago, as quoted by PCMag. “You need full concentration and thinking several steps ahead because there is a lag time between the mind with the movements occur. But once accustomed to, you will feel like a puppeteer.”

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