Submarine force

The greatness of a submarine

Benefit from the presence of submarines has been demonstrated (Battle Proven) Alutsista since it was found, and began to play a strategic role in world War II battle between Allied and Nazi Germany. German warships successfully undermined the Allied fleet in the early stages of World War II, as well as with Japan when the Pacific War took place, the Japanese created a boat that is too sophisticated greetings of his era, the I-401/I-400 submarine which is predicted when full operations can alter the course of the pacific war! I-40o is the Aircraft Carrier Submarines once the world’s first submarine capable of launching warplanes. Unfortunately, Japan’s secret weapon was launched in 1945, when Japan suffered a setback and finally surrendered to the Allies.

I-400 – Sub IJN Navy Marine


In the cold war era, starting a nuclear-powered submarine munculah kapal2 more resilient in the ocean, capable of ‘languishing’ in water with an annual period, high speed, and equipped with powerful weapons. In the era of the Cold War, the Soviet Union launched a giant submarine nuclear-powered and armed the RFS Dmitry Donskoy (TK-208) or the Akula Class. The submarine is a serious threat to the USA and NATO with weapons and high technology.

Effect of the presence of submarines

Countries that have a strong submarine fleet, guaranteed to raise the strength of the country’s diplomacy, and threats to its sovereignty can be minimized. When Indonesia chose a military option to seize the West Irian from the Dutch, Bung Karno ordered a large scale purchase of defense equipment from the Soviet Union, including 24 grain whiskey class submarine diesel-powered. This makes Indonesia the amount of time it became the largest submarine operator in Asia, no doubt with a fleet of submarines are capable of making the Dutch had to return to negotiations and diplomacy to strengthen RI in the presence of the Netherlands.

Then the days of New Order, RI to buy submarines from West Germany, during this time Indonesia was also only country in Southeast Asia who have experience of operating the submarine, the days of the new order are almost no cases of violation of sovereignty by neighboring countries.

Some countries that already have sophisticated submarine fleet, namely: Russia, USA, China, Britain, Germany, India. etc. Can be seen from these countries ensured that no one dared to mess with their sovereignty, and has a strong influence on the international stage.

Submarines today

Modern submarine technology is still dominated by the great American nation, Russia, UK, China and Germany. Each country has the most lethal submarine in the world with technology and sophisticated weaponry. Submarine propulsion technology while still dominated by the Nuclear and Diesel, for ease of operation is clearly more suited to the operational Diesel is a more formidable, was the nuclear option.

Submarines with nuclear technology is the most powerful submarine, has a god-class weaponry and capable klyuruan under the sea with unlimited duration, thanks to technology that turns sea water into oxygen making the need for crew life is assured. It is feared from the nuclear submarine is a submarine that has the features of VLS, launch an ICBM that could attack targets throughout the world. Only a few countries that operate submarines of this type.

Here are some Great submarines in the world:

Class Virginia – USA


SSBN-774, VirginiaClass, LIST

Speed: 25 knots

Weapon: 12 x vertical launch system tubes for UGM-109 Tomahawk missiles4 x 533-mm bow tubes for Mk.48 torpedoes, Smart mines in place of torpedoes.

Akula II Class – Russia


Speed: 12 knots

Weapon: 4 x 650 mm and 4 x 533-mm torpedo tubes for up to 40 torpedoes or missiles OR Up to 42 mines in place of torpedoes.

Type 093 Shang Class – China


Speed: 35 knots

Weapon: YJ-82 anti-ship missiles6 x 533-mm torpedo tubes.

Trafalgar Class – UK


Speed: 30 knots

Weapon: 5 x 21 inch torpedo land-attack cruise tubesTomahawk missilesSpearfish heavyweight wire-guided torpedoes. Harpoon anti-surface missiles.



In addition, the recently launched German submarine with the latest technology that is U-212A Class. Design Stealth submarines with hydrogen fuel is almost no sound, nor does it emit heat radiation because its body is made of nonmagnetic metal. This is the most advanced stealth submarines today, with excellent features quieter than other submarines, plus a revolutionary technology which hydrogen cell, making it virtually undetectable ship .. Super Stealth. U-212 A 12 Armed guided heavyweight torpedo, each capable of destroying a warship or off an aircraft carrier. Currently only two countries that operate the U-212A is the German and Italian.

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