USS Abraham Lincoln in the Strait of Hormus


Commander of the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, Admiral Troy Shoemaker, admitted that his ship was followed by Iranian fighter. Even he recognizes also that Iran’s fighter jet is less than a mile above the roaring aircraft carrier.

In addition to fighter jets, it also managed to capture through the radar sebuat Iranian unmanned stealth aircraft approached the USS Abraham Lincoln.

“That Iranian patrol aircraft. What was done by the Iranian side, it is reasonable. We will also do the same thing off the coast of America. It’s more than fair, because we operate in their backyard “he reasoned.

Parent vessel carrying more than 100 F/A-18 fighter jet into a narrow bay is flanked by several helicopters and cruisers USS Cape St. George and USS Sterett, tempurberteknologi American troops, passing through a narrow strait without incident, reports the Associated Press.

This is the second time U.S. warships through the straits in recent weeks. Abraham Lincoln, which brought dozens of F/A-18 jets and other aircraft, entered the Gulf in January, despite earlier warnings that the U.S. stay out of Iranian waters.

Given the warning, Washington explained bawha their goal is to help Nato mission in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the parties have condemned Tehran’s buildup of military power in the western Gulf war machines Persia.Kehadiran America and its allies have turned the Gulf into weapons depot, said Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Tuesday. Told Press TV

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