Hypoxia attack for F-22 Pilot


Two pilots of the F-22 Raptor, U.S. Air Force (USAF), decided to refuse to fly anymore world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, as concerns over the system in the plane’s oxygen supply.

They admitted not comfortable flying the F-22, until the oxygen system problem was resolved.

Recognition of two pilot named Major Gordon and Captain Jeremy is Josh Wilson, presented the show “60 Minutes” on CBS television. A

itself a new way to be broadcast on Sunday (06.05.2012), but some excerpts from the show has aired since Friday (04/05/2012).

When asked if he believed that the fifth-generation fighter aircraft safely fly, Gordon replied, “I’m not comfortable answering that question. (Obviously) I do not feel comfortable flying the F-22 now”. Gordon and Wilson stopped flying the F-22 since January 2012.

In May last year, the entire fleet flying ban USAF F-22, after the discovery of problems in the supply of oxygen for the pilot. Various incidents indicate symptoms related to pilot the aircraft affected by hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), as in one incident plane grazed a tree before landing and the pilot did not claim to know or do not remember the incident.

“The attack hypoxia is hidden and very dangerous. Some pilots can run the entire mission and then landed, and had no idea at all that they had experienced incidents,” said Gordon.

Fleet of F-22 and then allowed to fly again since September 2011, but experts are still looking for the cause of the problem. Prohibited during flight, the scientists also confused, because he managed to track down the cause of the problem was a lack of oxygen supply.

Now Gordon and Wilson, who had served in the Iraq War and now a member of the Air National Guard, are seeking legal protection for “whistleblowers” to Congressman Adam Kinzinger, representatives of the Illinois Republican Party.

USAF parties declined to comment on the content of the show 60 Minutes, but insists that the element of flight safety their top priority.

“Although the F-22 program has faced many challenges, the Air Force remains committed not only to find a solution to the problem but also attention to safety issues,” said spokesman Lt. Col. John Dorrian USAF.

F-22 Raptor is currently the only fifth generation fighter jet that has been operated by a country in the world. So many sophisticated and sensitive technology that is inserted into the plane, including the radar evasive technology, so the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting the plane was sold to other countries.

Aircraft designed to perform air combat missions (dog fight) was by far be the most expensive aircraft that have been purchased by the Pentagon. The U.S. military has more than 160 aircraft, and plans to develop this number to 187 units.

“Sister” F-22, the F-35 Lightning II, is still at the stage of development and also meet various technical problems and delays full-scale production.

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