Red and White at the summit of Mount Everest

The Red and White finally hoisted atop Everest is situated at an altitude of 8848 meters above sea level after the Seven Summits Expedition Team World (Seven Summits), which is north through Tibet reached the summit on Saturday.

Two climbers from Wanadri namely Iwan Irawan and Nurhuda peak was included in the series of seven expeditions around the world summit at 07:49 local time on Saturday. Both of these climbers reached the summit according to the schedule.

To reach the summit which is also known as peak Sagarmatha, the climber takes a long stage. It also should continue to coordinate with the guide who had been guarding since the ascent.

Wanadri of two climbers, those who first reached the summit of Mount Everest and was followed by Iwan Irawan Nurhuda and followed a Swedish climber, Peter, and then after them, the guides (Sherpas) Chirring ie, Tashi and Lakpa following the world’s highest peak.

“Thank God. Allahu Akbar. Red and White flew back at the Top of Everest via the north path,” said Chairman of the First World Seven Summits Expedition Team, Ipong Witono, via short message service.

Other than through the northern path, climbing by Wanadri also done via the south route is through Nepal. Climbing is also done by the two climbers are Ardeshir Yaftebbi and Fadjri Al Lutfi and supported by a team of guides.

“Thank you for your prayers, cooperation and guidance. Hopefully tomorrow, Sunday (20/5) team of climbers path south (Nepal) reached the peak. May they always got the pleasure of thy God to return to the country,” said Ipong added.

By being able to reach the highest peak in the world and plugged the red and white flag, the climber is worth mentioning “Seven Summiters” the designation for the climbers who successfully reach the Seven Summits of the world. This title is ideal for a mountain climber in the world.

Earlier this Wanadri climbers have climbed from six highest peaks on six continents, Ndugu-Ndugu peak or Carstensz Pyramid (4884 masl) in Papua, Kilimanjaro Peak (5895 masl) in Tanzania, Elbruz Peak (5642 masl) in Russia.

Further, they make the climb Aconcagua Peak (6962 masl) in Argentina, but there is a climber that is Gina Afriani failed to summit. After that proceed to the summit of Denali / Mc Kinley (6194 masl) in Alaska and Vinson Massif Peak (4897 masl) in Antarctica.

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