Have you ever calculate approximately how many bacteria are there in your cell phone? Moreover, we mostly use the phone almost every time – even in the bathroom or on the dining table. Many studies show a horrible thing: the phone you use may contain more bacteria than there are in a public toilet! Types of bacteria also vary, including the recently famous being the E. coli.

Well, Wesley LaPorte and the creation PhoneSoap And Barnes was present to address the problem. PhoneSoap is a case that will wrap your phone with Ultra Violet light to kill all the bacteria found in the phone. Used at night, PhoneSoap will work until morning to make sure the bacteria and germs on your cell phone off. What is more, PhoneSoap will also charge your cell phone while cleaning. Versatile, is not it?

Developers target rate 18 thousand subscribers to be able to start mass production and, after they passed that stage, they will sell them freely in the market with a price range of $ 300 thousand, or $ 39.

Given this Kickstarter project, it seems you can only buy the book directly at


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