The unification of the Time Zone

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs estimates that the time zone of national unification can be carried out in the fourth quarter of this year. Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Development Luky Eko Wuryanto said the implementation of the unification of the time zone should be done when the trade is not very much and consider the implications for cash transactions.

»Most Sensible ya week in the morning is generally the smallest volume of transactions,” said Luky when confirmed Tempo, Thursday evening, May 17, 2012.

Even so, the government has not confirmed the date of implementation of concrete, because the need is discussed further in inter-agency coordination meetings. Meeting continued the discussion should be conducted to solicit input from stakeholders both government as well as observers and other institutions.

He assured that all parties have so far responded positively to the government’s plans related to the time zone of national unification. Only, the government reminded to carefully prepare the plan with careful socialization to all elements of society.

In the calculations, socialization should be done at least three months before the time of execution. Intensive socialization should be done either through the mass media and other communicative forms of communication. »You can not just announcements, but it should be mixed. Could have been working closely with communications experts let the activity interesting, “he said.

Not only in the domestic socialization, integration time zone information should also be disseminated to the international world, such as the World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO). »It’s going to international diinfokan due to their influence, but its not asking permission,” said Luky.

According to him, the implementation plan of the time zone of national unification should not be rushed, but should not be prolonged discourse to avoid the unfavorable atmosphere. The Government, he added, should plan it carefully.

The government plans to realize the unification of the national time zone this year. Indonesia still uses three time zones. West Indonesia Time, and the Middle East. Later Indonesia will use Greenwich Mean Time + 8 or the same as Central Indonesia Time. This means that, eventually, there will be no time difference between Indonesia and neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

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