Sperm Quality

For other couples, having children was very difficult. Various means have been done, but there are also showing signs of pregnancy.

Typically, women are often accused of being a trigger can not give offspring. In fact, men also play an important role, such as sperm quality. Because, an important indicator of male fertility is sperm.

When the adult male but has been unable to get his wife pregnant, it is necessary to suspect the quality of sperm. Maybe his sperm into the category of ‘madesu’ (bleak future).

According to Dr. Noroyono Wibowo, SpOG (K) as Chairman of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Indonesi (POGI), there are several causes that can degrade the quality of male sperm.

Not vary the food

The men who want to be healthy not only have to eat healthy and complete but also memvariasikannya. Diet would affect sperm production.

“A lot of people who ‘idolize’ one type of food. Though there are certain vitamins that are not available in orange, then it must eat other fruits. Just like, a protein found in meat goats, definitely different from the protein in beef, chicken or fish. So, it may be varied by the adequacy of nutrition, “he explained.

No exercise

Men who exercise regularly are more likely to have sperm production and better quality.

“Because, people are too lazy to move normally even sick,” he explained.

Unhealthy lifestyles

Time to get used to sleep the night was enough to help increase the number of sperm and agility.

“It’s useless, if a good diet and regular exercise, but always staying up late or stay up. This will reduce the quality of your sperm,” he said.


If you are still active to this day smoker, then stop immediately. In addition to causing health problems, smoking can also affect sperm count and quality.

“Men who smoke 12 cigarettes per day, the quality of his sperm fell by 42 percent,” he said.

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