Six Foods Trigger the Fat

There are piles of reasons, ranging from boredom and loneliness that causes stress, low self-esteem and bad habits. In addition, there are some triggers overeating is not widely known. Among others:

A. Lighting
According to researchers from the University of California, people will eat more than a dim light in the room. So enlighten your room, all the curtains and subtract sibakkan romantic dinner under the dim candle with a lover.

2. Storage
According to Professor Wansink, author of “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think”, the selection of food storage is very influential on our weight. Foods that are easily seen and reached more than likely be eaten rather than being put on the shelf behind the refrigerator. So place the fruit in the middle of your dinner table and always make sure to bring a bottle of water in your purse or car.

3. Color
Believe it or not, something as simple as color can greatly affect your appetite. Researchers at the University of Winnipeg found, using a plate in blue or blue tablecloth will automatically reduce your consumption, and eating in the room is painted in blue will reduce your calorie intake to one-third more.

4. Glass
In pubs, bars, restaurants and even our own homes, a glass of wine now become larger. Formerly most of the wine glasses are designed to provide 125 ml of wine. Now, a growing trend to make the glass larger 250 ml serving – it’s a quarter or a third liter bottle.

Professor Wansink also said that short and thick glasses that can make us drink more than a thin glass, so beware.

5. TV
You want to lose body fat without dieting? You can do it. Stay off the TV when eating. Researchers at Cornell University says, eating in front of the TV makes the body does not realize when it has fulfilled the necessary calories. And so, we eat more than they should.

6. Cutlery
Something very simple, like changing your plate with a smaller, can make a huge change in waist size. Research has shown that we eat as much as our eyes see so we will feel satisfied by eating the same small plate full of food on a large platter.

The same applies also to the spoon you use. one study showed that using a teaspoon instead of tablespoon will make you automatically consume 14 percent fewer calories.


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