Showing off breasts

A woman politician in Mexico showing off her breasts, to achieve a lot of noise.

Proclaimed Fox News on Thursday (5/17/2012), Natalia Juarez poster campaign released a picture of himself and six female friend, who was wearing only jeans, with no clothes on their upper body.

In the picture on the poster, the 34-year-old woman with her colleagues, seem to cover ‘assets’ private right-handed. No doubt, this campaign came under criticism from various parties, the judge was impressed cheap Natalia campaign.

However, Natalia did not care about the criticism. He said the campaign that he did, very different from the others.

“It’s an attempt to run a different campaign and cheerful. Also, an invitation for people who want to express who they really are,” said Natalia.

Natalia is a lecturer in philosophy at a university in Mexico. He wants to be a member of Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. Natalia standing for election to the Democratic Revolutionary Party, a leftist group in Mexico.


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