Bad Breath

Alex Mara, oral hygiene and dental specialists in the SWI Dental Studio, explains some of the ways to prevent bad breath.

Blame the bacteria that is behind the tongue – bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds. The main causes of bad breath.

Buy a tongue cleaner to get rid of the bacteria in the back of the mouth. Alternatively, use a toothbrush.

Clean between teeth with floss every day to reduce bacteria.

Buy an electric toothbrush because the most effective technique for brushing the gums. Bacteria attached to the gums also cause bad breath.

Try mouthwash if the above methods fail.

See your dentist to clean the tartar. This improves oral health and to stop bad breath.

Bad breath is a problem? Perhaps the cause of infection of the tonsils, nose or throat. See your dentist or doctor for consultation.


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