Price Most Expensive Melons

A box containing two pieces of melon sold at auction houses in Japan for U.S. $ 12 500 (about Rp115 million).

An anonymous buyer purchased Yubari melons the first day shopping season, a waste of money, which can be used to buy a small car, just to buy one pair of Yubari melons.

In Japan, an apple can cost more than 5 U.S. dollars and a pack containing 20 cherries sold for more than 100 U.S. dollars (about Rp923 thousand). Buyers in Japan are used to buy fruit at a high price.

However, the Central Wholesale Markets in Sapporo Hokkaido reflecting the prestige of town buyers who sell these fruits, went bankrupt in 2007.

Yubari melons with a high quality is a perfect fruit with skin, finely patterned evenly. A T-shaped rod was left on the fruit, which is usually sold in a box no engraving.

In 2008, a pair of Yubari melons sold for 2.5 million yen (about Rp287 million) at auction houses.

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