Gym With Beautiful Scenery

MV Stella Australis, Chile

You have the desire to run in the Cape Horn but think that it is impossible? Now you can!

A Stella Australis cruise ship sailing on the route between Punta Arenas (Chile) and Ushuaia (Argentina).

Gym in the ship’s upper deck housed in a large super thick glass that overlooks the beautiful changing of snowy mountains and glaciers in the dense forest. The thick glass is important, because in summer the temperature is just about reached double digits in Patagonia in South America.

There is no problem for it to warm the body with modern treadmills, steppers and bikes, while the albatross bird flying over you at “the end of the world”.

Cruceros Australis, Ave El Bosque Norte 0440, Santiago, Chile: +56 2 442 3115;

2. Andaman Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia

Not a surprise anymore if the views of the old rainforest scenery treadmill users in the Andaman Hotel is a favorite habitat for wildlife documentary filming. Located on the northwest coast of Langkawi, the area is rich in wild life on land and also the cluster of beautiful coral beaches.

The hotel is not designed for water lovers, but for those who find inspiration in the dense rain forest, you will not be disappointed with French-style windows that create a burst of tropical flavor in the gym area.

Andaman Hotel, Jalan Datai Bay, Langkawi 07000, Malaysia; +60 4959 1088;

3. Sasakwa Lodge, Tanzania

Satisfy your desire safari when visiting African land area of 137 thousand hectares of privately owned in Singira Grumeti Reserve.

Located on the open plains with Edwardian-style building, main building is surrounded by many separate cottages, each and tiapnya has its own swimming pool and endless views of the fantastic to the horizon line.

If you are willing to leave the pool, the gym where it is another world in such an isolated place. Equipped with modern tools, is easy to imagine you’re running on a broad plain in the sun, with a zebra running around you.

Sasakwa Lodge, Singita Grumeti Reserve, Tanzania: +27 21 683 3424;

To read the complete article, visit CNNGo .

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