Danger of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags that we get everyday from the market, shop, or supermarket can lead to long turns, and even endanger the sustainability of our forests. Through video Plastic Not Fun , we already know how plastics could end up in the sea and threatens animal life and marine ecosystems.

It turned out that in addition harmful to marine animals, plastic can also be harmful to forest ecosystems. According to Earth Hour Indonesia and Indonesia Mongabay environmental news site, in addition to the impact of plastic waste littering the forest, also damaging cycles of air exchange in the soil.

Toxins from the plastic particles that enter the soil will also kill the animals decomposing in the ground like a worm. Water cycle also be affected if a lot of plastic waste in the ground. As a result, water can not be absorbed though a lot of trees in the forest.

Plastic production also requires petroleum, each year about 2 million liters of non-renewable petroleum to produce plastic bags.

Most of this oil is taken from the mines in the forest. That is, we must open up the forest to pick up oil, which we then use to make plastic bags. Not to mention if we calculate the greenhouse gases generated during the production of plastic bags.

Recycling activities require a long process and the price is not cheap, so it is not maximized to reduce the danger of plastic bags. The most effective way to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the forest or the ocean we are to reduce their use.

The easiest thing we can do is to refuse plastic bags when offered in a place we used to get it while shopping.

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