Stomach contents of crocodiles

A ranger who shot the saltwater crocodile is terrorizing pets in northern Australia found the dog, shorts, a ball and diapers in the crocodile’s stomach, the reporter said on Wednesday.

Police authorities warned recently that a crocodile had eaten at least a dog, and pounced on the other along the coast near the community of Galiwinku.

Northern Territory News said the ranger who was going to the region on Tuesday, saw a 3.5 meter long crocodile dog pounced on her feet, and they shot him.

in addition to finding the remains of the dog in the stomach, they also found many other things.

“Despite the headlines that could be funny, but very annoying when seeing the amount of trash in the crocodile’s stomach,” the daily said, who regularly preached the crocodile is on the main page.

Saltwater crocodile can grow over seven meters and weigh over one ton, is common in Australia’s tropical north and the average animal killed two people in a year.

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