Stay At the Airport

Consider the following tips so you stay safe and comfortable while spending long nights in the airport terminal.

Choose a comfortable place

Saaat arrived at the airport terminal, try to get around first to find a convenient location as a place to rest. Many people typically direct toward prayer room (prayer room) because the floor is carpeted so it is always ideal to lay down. But note the local airport regulations because not all the prayer room can be used as a bed.

The benches in the airport terminal area could also be a place to sleep. In fact, some airports have a comfortable sofa that can be used as a place to lie down. If you bring a sleeping bag (sleeping bag), even easier to find the ideal place. Just look dim and distant corners of the place back and forth, you can rest in peace.

Arrive early

This method can be applied if you are new to fly a plane the next morning. If you come to the airport when it was late, the possibility of a comfortable stay point was taken someone else. Remember, you are not alone who stay at the airport. Another passenger had to fly early in the morning like you could be doing the same thing.

Wear appropriate clothing

If you are planning to stay, wear layered clothing as the condition of most of the airport is quite cold. Nothing wrong with a thin blanket coats and sweaters that you wear it is still not warm. Avoid wearing skirts and tight clothing because it will make uncomfortable.

Always be alert

Generally the situation is quite safe because there are airport security officer who works 24 hours. But you still have to be careful, especially if alone. Make sure the important things like money and passport were placed in a small bag inserted in clothing. A rather large bag under his head so it can be difficult for people who want to steal. If you stay at the airport with a friend, you can sleep by turns, so there is always someone awake to keep an eye on your luggage.

Take readings and entertainment equipment

Maybe because it was worried about his safety, you decide not to sleep through the night. In order not to get bored, take reading material like books and magazines. Also make sure electronic devices such as music players and laptop batteries are charged so can be used while you wait in a long time at the airport.

Bring drinks and snacks

Prices of food and beverages at the airport are usually more expensive than regular stores in the city center. So that your bag is not broken, it is better to prepare drinks and snacks before arriving at the airport. For those who have a mediocre travel budget, this would be to save money.

Replace the alarm

Situation of several modern airports in developed countries are very comfortable so that makes a lot of people can sleep soundly. So not fun to sleep that cause you to miss the flight, set the alarm at least two hours before flight departure time.

Prepare for personal use

Ensure personal equipment such as toothbrushes, soap, perfume, small towels, and other personal equipment can be easily retrieved. Place these items in a purse pocket or other place that are easy to reach. You certainly need these items next morning.

Due to security reasons, not all airports open for passengers who want to stay. If you want to know which ones allow the airport to be a place to stay, try visiting , a site devoted to the stay at the airport.

For the airport in the country, I often find the information through , a travel lover forum which has quite a lot of members. Records in this forum contains a lot of information about staying at the airport. If their records do not provide the information you need, you may throw a new question.


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