Parachute Sukhou Superjet 100

Parachute-like objects found Kopasus members of the army while performing evacuation aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Mount Salak, was flown to the Halim Perdana Kusuman, Friday morning.

“The findings we report to the Chief Basarnas (Daryatmo, red). This morning we send it directly to the airbase. With these findings will open persawat mystery,” said Korem 061/Suryakancana The commander, Col. Inf AM Putranto as commander of the evacuation operation control Sukhoi in Cipelang Friday.

Suryakencana commander said, it does not want to speculate related to the discovery of objects like a parachute. But the commander believes that the objects found were members of the SAR parachute.

“Because I also jumpers, jump this thing like an umbrella,” he said.

He said the items will be sent to Basarnas and NTSC for investigations related to the existence of a parachute in the plane of death.

These objects were found which consisted of members of the SAR Kopasus, Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation, military, police, and volunteers. They found the object is stuck in a tree which is about 100 meters from the wreckage.

Commander said Thursday it had received (17/5) night at around 20:00 pm by members of Kopasus. The findings were reported directly to the Head Basarnas.

According to the commander, the discovery of these objects by Special teams set up for the seventh day after surgery, a special 16-person team consisting of a combined SAR duty to comb the entire area of the crash. In sweeping the object resembles a parachute was found.

The object has a brownish orange color, there are a lot of rigging and some parts like the scorched by heat.

Meanwhile, on the day 10 follow-up operations are still carried out the search for survivors and FDR. Search time also involves Russia SAR 10 people who will be deployed by air using a Canno of Russia.

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