Plastic bags

Plastic garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean north of growing 100-fold over the last 40 years .

Plastic Oceans Foundation which focuses on reducing plastic waste in the oceans noted, there are 500 billion plastic bags are used per year worldwide. Manufacture of plastics also use fuel oil in large numbers, even up to 8 percent of total world oil production.

In Indonesia alone, every year we use 100 billion plastic bags. To produce plastic bags in total, we use 12 million barrels of oil. By that count, meaning that every person in Indonesia uses approximately 700 plastic bags per year. About two plastic bags in a day.

Do you feel that number is realistic and reasonable?

Let us ask ourselves. How about the number of plastic bags that we use in a day? Where have those plastic bags come from? So what do you do with plastic bags that you can in a day is?


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