Internet Speed

People in Indonesia do have more patient surf the Internet. In a list released by the internet giant Google, Indonesia was included in the list of countries with the slowest internet connection.

Average internet pages open on the desktop takes 20.3 seconds, according to a Bloomberg report that cites Google’s.

Slovak Republic turned out to have an average internet page opens fastest with 3.3 seconds.

South Korea is the second fastest internet on the desktop, but that they also have the fastest internet connection using a phone with a rat-average 4.8 seconds. In terms of internet connection via mobile phone, the UAE is a late, with 26.7 seconds to open an internet page.

Here is the full list of 10 countries with the fastest Internet connections and late in the desktop or mobile phone to open a web page by Google:

10 Countries with the fastest internet on the desktop (in seconds):
Slovak Republic (3.3)
South Korea (3.5)
Czech Republic (3.7)
Netherlands (3.9)
Japan (4)
Denmark (4.3)
Switzerland (4.3)
Sweden (4.5)
Belgium (4.6)
Norway (4.8)

10 Countries with the internet late on the desktop (in seconds):
Chile (10)
Colombia (10.2)
Peru (11.7)
Brazil (11.8)
Argentina (12.8)
Malaysia (14.3)
Venezuela (14.9)
India (15.1)
Philippines (15.4)
Indonesia (20.3)

10 Countries with the fastest internet in the phone (in seconds):
South Korea (4.8)
Denmark (5.2)
Hong Kong (5.9)
Norway (6)
Sweden (6.1)
Estonia (6.2)
Czech Republic (6.3)
Japan (6.4)
Romania (7.5)
Slovak Republic (7.6)

10 Countries with the internet late on the phone (in seconds):
Malaysia (12.7)
Indonesia (12.9)
Singapore (12.9)
Mexico (14.1)
Brazil (15.8)
Argentina (16.3)
India (16.4)
Thailand (17.4)
Saudi Arabia (21.2)
UAE (26.7)

According to Bloomberg, Google measures the speed of the Internet on desktop and mobile phones in 50 countries earlier this month. The report also stated that the United States is in the middle. “On the desktop, it took an average of 5.7 seconds, while on the phone takes 9.2 seconds for the United States was already very old.”

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