Travel Tips

Use instinct

Women around the world have some sort of unwritten agreement: we all look after each other. Therefore, there is also a dangerous woman who intends to use you as well as men. Beware. Use your instincts. Sometimes the approach is more secure than a bunch of men asking for help to a bunch of women.

Bring a book

A book can be your best friend when traveling alone. Especially when you’re in a boring situation – such as the dala, waiting for food orders in restaurants, while your iPod battery runs out. Having a book like having a friend who gives you the story without having to make small talk first.

Always look confident

Terlihatlah confident – even if you feel very afraid, the best way is to see that you are confident with what you are doing and run away as soon as possible. No matter by trying to blend in with the people around, or by pretending not to care, then run away as soon as possible.

Traveling alone also means traveling smart. You can still pretend martial arts expert despite the fact did not know at all. Before getting a place to stay, seek first the safest place for women traveling alone.

Smart Travel Tips With

– Be an independent woman, so you do not have to depend on other people unless forced to. Always carry cash, food, water, maps, manuals, and dictionaries. If you need help, ask a woman or a family.

– If you leave at night and the bus terminal or station looks vulnerable, ask the manager of the inn, if you can wait until departure time. Cafes, including Internet cafes, which are usually open until late at night, is a better option than to wait for the station waiting room.

– When you use the ATM, pull some cash when daylight and crowded, try to do at night when it was too dark and few passers-by.

– Consider the style of clothing from a local woman at the destination. Dress like them so you do not attract attention.

– Your assessment of fine home furnishings that can be applied also when selecting the roads purpose: to alert the trip start and choose a place that you feel safe.

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