In order for No Stress

Discover sources of stress
You are stressed because of work piling up, or less time with family? Find out quickly what is the source of stress. If you work too much, you can create a list of priorities which should be done in advance. Making a schedule can also make you better time management, so the work does not pile up. If indeed you feel too tired, it could not hurt to take leave for a while and rest your brain and physical.

Change your lifestyle
There have been many studies that reveal that a healthy lifestyle can reduce stress. Take the time to work out in busy schedules. Eat nutritious foods. Reduce drinking alcohol or smoking, because two of these things make your stress worse.

Enough sleep
Lack of sleep can exacerbate stress levels. Make sure when you reach sleep 5-6 hours a day. When adequate sleep, the body will be refreshed, the brain was re-primed. You are also ready for the challenges of the job.

Speaking at the employer
If this is the amount of work and responsibilities you already absurd and excessive, it’s good to talk about it to superiors. Employer may provide a way out, for example, delegating some duties to another colleague. Do not let excessive workload make you sick both physically and mentally.

Analysis of the type of work
If all of the above and you are still experiencing severe stress, try to analyze the willingness sserta your abilities. It may be that during the field work is a profession that you do not fit with the willingness and ability. This also consult with the personnel in the office. Maybe you could be placed in other areas is more appropriate.

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