Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the old city-owned version of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The city is located on an island called Stadsholmen. Contrast with the surrounding new town, Gamla Stan has cobblestone streets that are not entirely due to the narrow pass of motor vehicles. The old buildings here styled “Brick Gothic”.

In terminology, Gamla Stan meaning “old town”. Gamla means parents, Stan is a shorter version of the “Staden” or the city.

In the midst of this old town square there, surrounded by the design of the narrow streets of medieval style. Walking among the old buildings on cobblestone streets (cobblestone street) immediately silence the atmosphere and lead us into the past, seemed to ignore the noise of the city around it.

Gamla Stan is a very popular tourist attraction that is always going crowd here, more so because not all the way to pass a motor vehicle. Humans walked through the town like a mini nan solid surf playground. It was like a miniature city.

Some historic buildings are dominant in Gamla Stan, including the cathedral, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace. Moreover, many restaurants, cafes, gift shops, book stores and offices are also established here.

My advice, visit when the late afternoon when the sun will sink. The atmosphere is very romantic and unpretentious. Small shops and inviting waiting for us inside. Once tired, stop at one of the small cafes or restaurants that may present the legendary Swedish meatball.

Gamla Stan is very easily reached from anywhere in Stockholm. There is a subway (tunnelbana) on the island and the city of Stockholm is relatively easily explored by foot, if you stay on the islands around it. Why do I say the island? Stockholm is a city of islands, where the parts are separated by water. This is what makes this city beautiful views from many sides.

Please note that Stockholm is an expensive city, but it can be handled by looking for accommodation close to the location that we visited, which is relatively inexpensive to buy bread here, a walk and buy tickets for museums (plus transportation tunnelbana) of interest so as not to need to pay each time you log into the museum.

So, if the Europeans, do not just stop at the popular objectives like Paris and Amsterdam, try the cities in northern Europe that is not less beautiful and fun, cold resistant from a little more!


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